How #DiaperDon Trended Worldwide

As Donald Trump sat at a tiny desk and berated the media for not being respectful enough to him, social media exploded with the #DiaperDon trend…

A mix between his childish behaviour and the fact that the way he sat made him look as if he was wearing one, the diaper trend took over Twitter, and then enraged the President even more. He blamed Twitter for creating the trend and called it “Conservative discrimination.

His Thanksgiving press conference saw him continue to complain about the election results, insisting it was a fraud but conceding that if the Electoral College vote to remove him, he “certainly” will leave the White House.

His anger in recent weeks has been directed at anyone and anything contradicting the fact that he lost the election. That includes hitting out at Fox News as his supporters drive to other platforms away from Twitter to vent their grievances and maintain the delusional belief that the election was stolen.