MAGA March Rallies Against Fox News

Trump supporters enjoyed a day out in Washington D.C. today to march in protest against the election results, while also voicing their displeasure for their former favourite news source, Fox News.

Since Fox called the election for President-elect Joe Biden, Trump and his voters have been furious, apparently expecting the news channel to declare Trump victorious despite his loss, and at the ‘MAGA Million March’, one rally speaker went so far as to call Fox News the “enemy of the people.”

Such a refrain was usually reserved by Trump for the other mainstream news networks such as CNN, but thanks to Fox stepping out of line and delivering news that doesn’t follow Trump’s personal narrative, they have now also been crowned the “enemy”.

“Fox News Sucks” was a frequent refrain from the marchers too, but the increased anti-Fox sentiment is unsurprising considering Trump’s anger towards their polling in the lead up to the election.

The growing popularity of the right-wing social media network Parler has also seen Trump supporters come together to complain about Fox. More on the increasing anti-Fox sentiment among Trump’s base on Parler is here, but examples of the anger against Fox can be found below…

Main image from USA Today