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How #DiaperDon Trended Worldwide

As Donald Trump sat at a tiny desk and berated the media for not being respectful enough to him, social media exploded with the #DiaperDon trend… A mix between his childish behaviour and the fact that the way he sat made him look as if he was wearing one, the diaper trend took over Twitter, […]

MAGA March Rallies Against Fox News

Trump supporters enjoyed a day out in Washington D.C. today to march in protest against the election results, while also voicing their displeasure for their former favourite news source, Fox News. Since Fox called the election for President-elect Joe Biden, Trump and his voters have been furious, apparently expecting the news channel to declare Trump […]

Parler Power Grows as Trump Voters Migrate to Right-Wing Purity Test Platforms

Twitter’s crackdown on election misinformation over the past few weeks has seen the President’s tweets littered with warnings of “disputed” or “misleading” content, and he’s got plenty of company. Right-wing allies joined him in a huff on the Twitter naughty step, complaining of un-American censorship and suppression of their unsubstantiated claims of widespread election fraud. […]